Life is full of surprises, and sometimes, those surprises take us on incredible journeys. I loved getting to know this incredible family and hear their story- welcoming a new baby brother after many years and trials. This newborn photography session in Boise, Idaho captured the tender moments between the new brother, his older sister, and their proud parents.

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The creative process for a newborn session includes three appointments, so we spend a lot of time together- getting to know one another, planning the session, coordinating sets and fabrics, choosing accessories and props, and the actual session itself lasts about three hours. I absolutely love bringing the family’s vision together and creating exactly what they hope for during their newborn session. Family images are always so important, and the sibling images are always a favorite. I was so happy to be able to capture this family’s love for one another.

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I always ask families to browse through my website for inspiration and ideas- big sister took that to heart and every image she loved included a little bear lovie- so of course we had to incorporate several little bears for baby Ryan.

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While we try our best to prep baby before the session to be sleepy, sometimes babies have other ideas. Sometimes a baby will sleep through the entire session, and will never even open their eyes. Others will resist sleep and want to be awake to observe everything happening around them. Some babies enjoy looking at the light. I always wonder what they’re thinking when they’re so alert and observing the world around them. Whatever the situation may be, we are always able to capture your little one and their unique personality. And isn’t that the goal ultimately? To capture your baby and family as they are, right then, during that moment.

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Awake images are always, always the family favorites and get chosen every time. I am so excited anytime I capture really amazing eye contact. Ryan did have some awake time during his session, and I adore those sweet little eyes looking at me.

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After some awake time, we did finally get Ryan to sleep and were able to capture many adorable images of him for his family. I know they will be treasured for many, many years.