I love taking my children outdoors to run, get fresh air, and just be as wild and crazy as they want. I have a favorite place I take them to stretch their legs and run. It also happens to be a perfect location for beautiful light too. Even better! My kids can play, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and I can photograph them. A win, win right? In theory yes! The day I got these photographs it was a bazillion degrees outside. I still wanted them to get outside and play. We got to our spot and I found the most beautiful little pocket of light. It was perfect! The girls were having fun, Zack was exploring and getting dirty. I was enjoying the moment and capturing them being kids. Unfortunately for my oldest, she happened to step on a bunch of fire ants, so our fun was cut short. We packed up our stuff and high tailed it out of there. Such a sad ending to what started out to be a fun afternoon of photographing. Sigh. I still love what I was able to capture, even though our afternoon was cut short. It may be a while before we return to that location again that’s for sure!! Now if I could only get them ALL to stay in one place so the three of them could be together for a photo, I’d be one happy mommy!! These beautiful dresses can be found at Taylor Joelle Designs and my kiddos can be found featured on her blog here. Columbia, SC Child Photographer.