My children are my treasures and I try really hard to take a lot of photos of them. I mean a lot. Most of them are the candid moments I get just “on the go” so to speak. Just so I can capture the moment. But I do try to set up a special photo shoot of just them every couple of months. They are growing so quickly right now and I don’t want to miss capturing a single stage they may be in. You’ll notice I have a lot of images of my girls. I have some of my son also. He is just much, much harder to get to cooperate for those sibling shots that every mommy wants. So I love what I get of him and don’t force the issue. Someday he’ll let me photograph him, and someday maybe they’ll appreciate that I do it. Or maybe not (ha ha). These images were taken this spring when I took a trip out west to visit family. Since Lauren and Zack celebrated birthdays while we were gone, I did a shoot for each of them, as well as an orchard shoot for my girls. I know they were taken months ago, but I love them so much! I’ll put a more recent shoot up of them that I did just a few weeks ago. It has been busy around here!