I adore each and every newborn baby that I have the privilege to photograph. They are all unique and special in their own way. This little man came to see me a little later than I usually photograph newborns, but he had spent some time in the hospital after his delivery. He had a hole in his heart and had open heart surgery as a newborn. I cannot imagine the ordeal that his adoring parents went through. It always amazes me how resilient little babies are. Little Graham is a fighter and he will continue to bring his parents joy and will touch the lives of all around him. He was a pleasure to photograph, and was completely aware and awake during his session. I could tell he didn’t want to miss a thing, and after spending so much time at the hospital connected to machines and tubing, I can’t say I blame him! here is Graham, such an angel baby. And truly a miracle!

Raleigh, Durham Newborn Photographer.